The Wait Is Over For Singer-Songwriter Gustavo Galindo's Highly Anticipated Debut Album!

When your debut album gets pushed back a few times, it’s time to start worrying. Fortunately, Gustavo Galindo, whom we last caught up with in September 2010, has the backing of his tocayo, Oscar and Grammy-winning producer Gustavo Santaolalla. He can now breathe a sigh of relief because his baby, titled Entre La Ciudad y El Mar (Surco/Universal) is finally out this week! The talented Mexican American singer-songwriter talked to us about how it feels to see his hard work finally pay off.

And while his current single is “Barco de Papel,” Gustavo wanted his Latina fans to get a little something special—an exclusive sneak peek at what will most likely be his third single, “Amor de Alta Mar.” There’s a story of heartbreak behind that one, ladies, so listen closely.

Congratulations on the release of your album! How does it feel?

Thank you. It’s a big relief to have it out. You work so hard on something and you kind of wait around for everyone to get on the same page. I was really excited to just be working with one of my heroes [Gustavo Santaolalla]. Now two years later, its here.

How did you celebrate?

We had an album release party the other night in L.A. It was full of friends and people who have been supporting me for the past few years. My family came in from Mexico and my mom from Sacramento. Someone gave us a bottle of tequila. It’s not like in the college days when you did shots, now it’s about really savoring the tequila, doing it right. [Laughs]

How much input did you have throughout the whole process?

The interesting thing was that it was a big collaboration between myself, Gustavo, Adrian Sosa and Anibal Kerpel [Gustavo’s right hand guys]. We were all basically on the same page. We wanted to make this record as cinematic as possible, kind of make it a movie, with the idea that the songs should move into one another like they were different scenes in a movie. They are really good at capturing that kind of visual sound. And the rest of it, the lyrics, were a way for me to express my feelings as best as I could. That’s what was so nice about it—  everything they said or did was always up for discussion.

What inspired you throughout the making of the album?

The inspiration comes from two parts. One is what I see in the world, especially in Mexico and the United States – that social commentary that’s in songs like “Paracaidas.” That was me expressing what it’s like being Mexican American and seeing both sides of the border, and telling the stories of people who are trying to find a better life for themselves. The other side deals with my personal experiences, things like having to break up with someone who I’d been with for eight years and trying to find myself, not as a couple, but as an individual— search for the things I wanted to become and do; that transition between youth and adulthood.

What has been the reception so far?

So far, it’s been positive. We’ve always wanted people to understand the record as a whole. There’s so much to be said of a [cohesive] album, the kind Bruce Springsteen used to make. This was never a singles album. This is an album of 11 songs bundled together as a piece of art.

Can you break down the track you picked especially for your fans, “Amor de Alta Mar”?

That song actually came about when I was in the midst of my break up and I was feeling like I had sacrificed that relationship to get to where I had gotten. When you’re doing music, sometimes you put the blinders on just cause you’re working so hard. Sometimes you leave the people around you behind. So that song was meant to capture that moment when I was feeling very selfish and having to deal with that. It’s about honoring those memories by taking them with you wherever you go while at the same time walking that plank into the unknown.

Listen to “Amor de Alta Mar” below!

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