'The Voice' Alum Valerie Ponzio Releases Debut EP 'Timeless'

Photo: Hannah Burton

Latin Country music is so hot right now, and we have the proof! The Voice alum Valerie Ponzio dropped her debut EP titled Timeless and we can't get enough of it.

We caught up with the Texas native, currently living and working in Nashville, about her new EP and how her fiance Mike Minjarez inspired her favorite song.

Which song is your favorite from Timeless and what inspired the lyrics?

I am equally in love with every song on the EP. With that being said I have to say Timeless holds a really special place in my heart. My fiancé Mike and I wrote it with an additional co-writer named Joey Ebach. We all dug deep to highlight those special heartwarming moments we’ve had in our life that take us out of our day to day and remind us of the classic, breathtaking and timeless love we’re blessed to have. I am also so moved by the Spanish version of the song. I'm so happy and excited to share it with my fans. It puts a whole new spin on it!

We love that country is picking up among Latinos. What would you like to tell people that have never heard it? 

I love being able to showcase all the many colors and influences that make me who I am. I’m from El Paso, TX and it’s such an interesting part of America that loves Latin, Country, Tejano and Pop Music. It was only natural for me to fuse all those different styles together. What you hear is a lot of the in-depth storytelling aspect of country music while getting people moving and dancing with the Latin pop elements. I think the combination of different styles with all the pieces of me and where I’m from thrown in is what makes it unique. It’s really amazing to see that kind of mix hit the fans at my live shows. It’s so heartfelt, energetic and fun. All I want to do is write, perform and share those parts of me with my fans and music lovers across the globe.

Are you looking to get signed to a major label? 

Getting signed would be great although the journey as an independent artist has been really amazing. Mike, my fiancé, and I have been working so hard to put out great music, great shows and have been able to be 100% authentic. We have had the freedom to explore fusing Latin, Country, and Pop without the limitations of picking one lane. It’s awesome to see what an amazing success it’s been! Although having a label to help us attain a greater distribution and reach would be awesome! I really love the artists on Sony Latin & Country, Warner, and Atlantic! Joining one of those lineups would be rad! But we’ll keep reaching and connecting with our incredible fans who have encouraged and supported this far.

There are so many talented country artists out there. Who would you want to collaborate with? Obviously, we'd love to see you work with your former coach Blake Shelton!

Oh man yes, there are! So many talented Latin, Pop and Country Artists in as well! Definitely, a duo with Gwen Stefani would totally be a dream come true. She did a song with Blake and I thought it was awesome. She can definitely pull off country!

Eric Church, Jason Isbell, Shania Twain, Coldplay, Luis Fonsi, Shakira, and Pink are among some of my top wishful thinking collaborations. 

Which song from the EP is the best song for everyone’s summer playlist?

I’d definitely have to go with Beat Made Me Do It. It’s so fun and sexy and you can’t help but start dancing to it when it comes on. 

How can everyone support you?

The best way is to listen and stream on Spotify or purchase from iTunes. I am also on tour so everyone can catch me live in concert! 

Additional Photos via Valerie's IG @ValeriePonzio