VIDEO: Selena Gomez Leaves South America in Tears

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with excitement that you couldn’t help but cry tears of joy? Well, that’s what happened to thousands of screaming fans during Selena Gomez’s South American tour.

Gomez, who last fall became the youngest Ambasador ever for UNICEF, went down to Latin America earlier this year for both a series of concerts and a UNICEF mission and she has now posted a new video documenting the experience on her website,

The video shows Selenita’s biggest fans cheering her on in Chile and elsewhere and losing their minds when they meet their favorite pop star, who is clearly just as happy to be meeting them. Selena is one of those celebs who talks and thinks about her fans all of the time. We can’t even imagine what will happen when she finally releases her first Spanish-language album.  Take a  look.