VIDEO: Jim Jones' Hip-Hop Musical

Jim Jones has come a long way. The boricua-Aruban rapper who once played sidekick to Cam'ron (remember him?) has since become one of the most popular MCs in the game, capitalizing heavily on the success of his 2006 jock jam/club banger/street anthem, "We Fly High." Now, as Jones continues to evolve into the total artist and MC package, he's doing what some would consider to be much braver than recording an album inspired by Auto-Tune (We're looking at you, Kanye!). Jones is taking his rhymes to the stage with Hip Hop Monologes: Inside The Life & Mind of Jim Jones, weaving material from his upcoming album, Prey IV Reign, into the themes that matter to him most. It's a move we would've expected to see first from some other theatrically inclined rapper--like Lil Wayne or the aforementioned Mr. West--but now Jones can say that he's the first one to do it.

So what themes does El Capo touch upon, you ask? Well, women, for one. They're suprisingly prominent in this show, and they come in all forms--from the mother, to the unduly loyal girlfriend, to the side chick, to the, er, sexy news reporter. Then of course, there's fame, with all its perks and pitfalls. The MC does a fine job of pulling it all together, and he's a suprisingly good actor, too. If Hip-Hop Monologues eventually makes it to Broadway like he hopes it will, his fans should show up in droves...especially since In The Heights already shattered the notion that Broadway is only for tourists and New Yorkers with deep pockets! caught up with Jones after the premiere of his musical at NYC's 37 Arts theater, and the MC talked to us about why putting together a theatrical production, and grinding his way through hours of daily rehearsals to do it, might be one of the hardest jobs he's ever tackled. Take a look...


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