The Voice's Valerie Ponzio Releases New Song About Growing Up in a Border Town



Valerie Ponzio definitely made an impression on the hit show The Voice when all four judges turned their seats. Now the singer is making another big statement with her new single "My America." The song speaks of her experience growing up in a Texas/Mexico border town and comes at a time where this topic is very relevant.

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"We never forgot where we came from or lost our connection to our heritage. I am a mix of cultures and experiences and that dynamic is what America means to me," Ponzio says.  While the Tejana star has spoken candidly about being one of the only Latinos in the country music genre and the musical influences growing up in a border town has brought, she has taken her conversation one step further expressing the complicated relationship one can have with their country. “My parents didn’t come from wealth and they had to work very hard to make it. They were grateful despite hard times and reminded us of the struggles our grandparents endured to get us to this point,” the star sings.

Check out the song above!