Top 5 Music Videos Inspired by Latin Lovers

In honor of the highly anticipated debut of Lady Gaga's latest music video for her new single, "Alejandro" we compiled a list of our favorite music videos inspired by Latin lovers.

Sit back and enjoy this trip down memory lane...


1. Madonna, "La Isla Bonita"

MADONNA, "La Isla Bonita." 1987

2. Ricky Martin "Lola"

RICKY MARTIN, "Lola, Lola." 1998

3. Santana, "Maria, Maria."

SANTANA, "Maria, Maria." 1999

4. Rihanna "Te Amo"

RIHANNA, "Te Amo." 2009

5. Lady Gaga "Alejandro"

LADY GAGA, "Alejandro." 2010

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