Tensions Rise Between Members of Aventura

Though rumors that Aventura may be breaking up have been floating around for months, reps for the bachata group and even the members themselves have consistently denied the reports.  But it’s definitely not looking as though everything is  A-OK among the members of the award-winning group. 

Aventura Confirms Solo Careers

In a recent interview with Don Francisco, the group’s frontman Romeo Santos said he was sad about the fact that his bandmates consider their workload evenly spread out. “It’s a shame when I see that they lie and say that we all work the same amount in the group,” he said.  “Its great arriving to a concert only to play, without seeing all the details that go into the performance.”

Romeo Admits He Is In Love & Addresses Rumors About Sexuality

In light of Romeo’s interview, his Aventura bandmate Henry Santos took to Twitter.  “I’m not going to respond to Tony’s interview via Twitter,” he wrote.  “I do wish that everything goes well for all of us, without malice. Thanks for your support.”

Hmmm, we hope this isn’t the end of the road for Aventura.