Stars We Wish Were Performing at the Grammys

Sure we're pumped to see Christina Aguilera's shot at instant redemption when she opens the Grammys, especially since it's a tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. And yes, we're thrilled that Esperanza Spalding, a jazz musician, will get a chance to shine so brightly on Sunday as well. But geesh, there are a TON of Latino musicians who we really expected to perform at the 2011 Grammy Awards this year and we're super bummed that none of them will be. Guess we'll just have to take solace in the fact that Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin are presenting.

Here's who we wish were on the Grammy line-up this year:


Has her world wide domination gone too far? Is the public suffering from Shakira fatigue? Impossible! That's why the pint-sized Colombian pop star should be bringing all of her Waka to the Grammys this year. She has a new album out, Sale el Sol, and her infectious dance single "Loca," is making the rounds right now. How amazing would it be to see Shaki, El Cata and Dizzee Rascal all on stage together? Shaki knows a thing or two about putting on an amazing Grammy performance, remember when she rocked the stage with Wyclef Jean for "Hips Don't Lie"?

Enrique Iglesias

OK, so The Jersey Shore is not our favorite show, but there is no denying that Iglesias scored a certifiable club banger with "I Like It" off of his comeback album, Euphoria. How fun would it be to watch a recreation of the music video—Pitbull, J-Woww, Snooki and all—in a live performance? Lionel Richie could even get in on the action with the hook!


Ricky Martin

This is probably the performance that we are most missing. Ricky just dropped his sixth studio album, Musica+Alma+Sexo on February 2, and currently has a successful single in rotation with "The Best Thing About Me is You." Why, oh why, isn't he performing? Did the Grammy committee not see his amazing "Cup of Life" performance back in 1999? We are not afraid to admit that we were dancing around our living when we watched this live!



Santana has more Grammy awards (10!) than anyone else on this list. He also has a smooth new album out called Guitar Heaven that harkens back to his megahit Supernatural with a slew of awesome collaborations. Check him wailing on his guitar with Rob Thomas at the 2000 Grammy awards.



Juanes was the first Spanish-language artist to perform during the Macy's Day parade last year, so why can't he lend his talents to the Grammy awards show? We have no idea, especially since he just dropped his new album P.A.R.C.E. and is planning a world tour!