Sound Check: Very Be Careful Play Vallenato in 3-D

Los Angeles–based vallenato band Very Be Careful has a new album out today that capitalizes on the 3-D technology trend. It’s called Escape Room and the purposely-blurry cover is best viewed with the red-and-blue glasses included with the CD: It pictures a rifle-toting fox and a serious-looking bartender. But just because the 3-D gimmick will make you grab the record, will it make you listen? Hmmm…

If you’re unfamiliar with VBC, the quintet has been playing straight-up Colombian vallenato music for over a decade. Just don’t categorize them under “world music.” Their sound is centered on the accordion and deals with the same concepts (mainly love and death) popular in the songs of legendary composers like Alejo Durán, who bassist Arturo Guzman and his singer-accordionist brother Ricardo grew up listening to in the 70’s.

The siblings, along with cohorts Richard Panta (caja vallenata), Craig Martín (guacharaca) and Dante Ruiz (cowbell), have a created a richly textured album that you can (and will) dance to. Even their mom, Deicy, has gotten in on the act, penning tracks like “La Alergia” and “El Hospital.” And though the lead singer’s voice can be a bit too static at times, it adds a measure of grittiness to the album that nods to the band’s punk influences. Check out “El Hospital” here.

Look out for Very Be Careful in a city near you.

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