Sound Check New Music Alert: Introducing Torreblanca

Torreblanca is a group fronted by Mexico native Juan Manuel Torreblanca, whom you may recognize as part of Natalia Lafourcade’s band. A singer, lyricist, illustrator and multi-instrumentalist, he describes himself as a “borderline zombie half-baked pancake” on his Twitter page.

What that means, we can only guess. Physically, he’s a bit gawky with an 80’s haircut, big eyeglasses and a mustache but none of that comes into play when you hear his four-track EP Defensa, which includes collabos with Lafourcade and LoBlondo from Hello Seahorse!

The first single is also titled “Defensa” and it’s full of dramatic flourishes. It’s the kind of tune that stays with you, thanks in part to Torreblanca’s deep voice. The video for the song is just as good. Shot in black and white, it’s sort of like an art school project that begs for interpretation. I could try and explain it, but you’re better off watching it and deciding for yourself.