Sound Check: Nacional Records Release Benefit Album for Chile

Anyone who has visited Chile in the past knows that Chileans are some of the most hospitable people in the world—always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. I’ve been to both Santiago and Valparaiso and I’m always surprised how friendly locals are, especially as a native New Yorker since we’re taught from an early age to keep to ourselves. Not in Chile. I’ve had folks walk me to the metro station when I looked hopelessly lost and even invite me over to their homes for dinner with their friends and family. That’s just the Chilean way.
So it was especially sad to hear about the earthquake that ripped apart Santiago on February 27, leaving a lot of devastation in its wake. Thankfully, many are helping. One of our favorite imprints, Nacional Records, has released a digital benefit album, Fuerza Chile (available on iTunes for $5.99). It features some of the country’s best acts—and there are many—on the label’s roster: Chanteuse Francisca Valenzuela, old-school rapera Anita Tijoux, mix master Latin Bitman, electropop singer Javiera Mena and dreamy electronic quintet RH+ are just a few of the acts lending their voices to this worthwhile cause.
Best part: Those who buy the record will not only help quake victims, but they’ll also get a taste of Chile’s rocking music scene.