Sound Check: Join the Copacabana Club

Justin Timberlake is huge fan of Copacabana Club, a five-piece band resonating all the way from Curitiba, Southern Brazil. Ever since their debut EP, King of the Night, was released in 2008—Levi’s Music used the dance track “Just Do It” for a commercial—this act has been perking up ears with their carnivalesque indie-rock party tunes. I spoke with singer Camila Cornelsen, the band's front woman, to see what's next:

What are the band’s influences?

Each member has different influences. I believe this is what makes our sound rich. If you listen to all the tracks, they sound different from each other. Claudinha brings The Rapture to her drums. Alec likes Stevie Wonder and Stereolab. Rafael's guitar notes are reminiscent of Jorge Ben in the 70's. Tile, the bass player, is a big, big fan of Primal Scream, but he also believes in the good old fashioned rock 'n’ roll of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. With all those influences, I try to do my best! I love sweet female voices such as Mirah, Lykke Li and Charlotte Gainsbourg. But sometimes the song asks for something more screamy like Le Tigre, Karen O, or Beth Ditto.

How would you describe the upcoming album?

All the songs will be in English. We're redoing some of the tracks that were released on the EP King Of The Night. We still don't know the full track-list, but we're thinking about 11 or 12 songs. We play most of them at our gigs. We plan to finish the album in June and release it in July.

Any surprises?

We're recording the third song right now. I believe that after this U.S. tour we'll probably come back to Brazil with a lot of new ideas. And this is the “surprise” factor: We just don't know what's coming next!

Go here for Copacabana Club’s U.S. tour dates.

Here’s the video for “Just Do It”