7 Songs With Much Deeper Meanings Than Their Titles

Never judge a book by its cover, or in music's case, never judge a song by its title.

From time to time, a song comes along that throws us a curveball and surprises us with its lyrics and meaning. Click through to see which songs have the most unusual, unexpected meanings that we never anticipated.

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1. Selena Gomez, "Same Old Love"

Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" may seem like the singer is complaining of her romantic hardships, but dig a little deeper and you'll find that Gomez is "so sick" of the Bieber fever.

2. Miguel, "Coffee"

Miguel's "Coffee" may seem like an innocent ode to the singer's favorite bebida. But listen carefully and you'll find that it's all about what happens prior to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

3. Justin Bieber, "What Do You Mean?"

Justin Bieber's release of Purpose is sending shockwaves to #Jelena hopefuls everywhere, especially with this catchy tune.

4. Madonna, "Like A Virgin"

You may assume that Madonna's 1984 hit "Like A Virgin" is simply about a woman losing her virginity. However, the writer of the song, Billy Steinberg once explained that the tune was inspired by his own life, about how he'd been "battered romantically and emotionally," but that he was starting a new relationship and feeling better than ever.

5. Christina Aguilera, "Genie in a Bottle"

Christina Aguilera's 1999 hit song, "Genie in a Bottle," may have pleased pop fans, but it confused others with its title. However, the lyrics suggest that a young girl is looking to explore her wild side while still maintaining a sense of self-respect.

6. Shakira, "She Wolf"

Shakira's "She Wolf" has such a contagious beat that you may have never thought of its deeper meaning. However, the Colombiana wanted to shed light on women's inability to feel satisfied in their relationships and wanting to get out and find more.

7. Selena, "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom"

Chances are, you've done nothing but danced to Selena's hit "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom". But the song is meant for much more than just an excuse to shake your hips. It was reportedly written about a girl's feelings for a boy. The words "bidi bidi bom bom" describe the sounds her heart makes when it beats.