5 Songs About Santeria

Santeria — not just a Sublime song. For those not familiar Santeria is a religion originated by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and practiced in Latin America specifically in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil. Here at Latina we respect all religions. And better yet we love when it’s put to music and we can dance our asses off! Click through a handful of songs influenced by the religion.

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1. "Santeria" by Marc Anthony

Originally performed by Hector Lavoe, Marc Anthony covered it for El Cantante’s soundtrack and we haven’t stopped listening to it at every house party.

2. “Chango" by Celia Cruz

The once and only queen also sang about Santeria deities. 

3. “Guaguanco Bembe” by La Lupe

Throughout her career, the spirited Cuban singer was extremely vocal about her devout Santerism. 

4. “Babalu" by Desi Arnaz

Lucy’s hubby brought his culture, his music and his soul to a then-rigid society. Americans didn’t know what hit’em.

5. “Longoito" by Mongo Santamaria

Mongo honors one of his gods.