15 Songs That Will Make You Yell “Boricua!”

It is all about that Weepppaaa life this weekend! In honor of our Puerto Rican hermanos y hermanas here are a few classic tracks to make every single person at the Puerto Rican Day Parade (and at home) scream "Boricua" at the top of their lungs.

Prepare to get hype!

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1. Big Pun f/ Tony Sunshine “100%”

Big Pun f/ Tony Sunshine “100%”

Any song that samples a classic Fania tune (“El Dia de Mi Suerte”) is sure to be full of bori pride. Add arguably the best Latino MC to ever touch a mic (Pun) and you have the makings of an anthem. #RIPBigPun

2. Hector Lavoe's “Mi Gente”

Hector Lavoe's “Mi Gente”

La Voz can sing a Facebook newsfeed and we’d be hooked. Over the years, the iconic Lavoe’s ode to his Puerto Rican people has become a rallying cry of unity among all Latinos.  

3. Frankie Ruiz's “Puerto Rico”

Frankie Ruiz's “Puerto Rico”

The late salsero with the voice of gold, honors the isle by describing its glorious land and people. It makes anyone, boricua or not, want to visit the island ASAP.

4. Frankie Cutlass f/ Fat Joe, Doo Wop, & Evil Twins, “Boriquas on the Set”

Frankie Cutlass f/ Fat Joe, Doo Wop, & Evil Twins, “Boriquas on the Set”

Released a few years after Fat Joe’s debut on the hip-hop scene, this Cutlass banger made every Puerto Rock rep HARD. Perhaps, the hardest Puerto Rican posse cut ever.  

5. Taino, “Yo Soy Boricua Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas”

Taino, “Yo Soy Boricua Pa’ Que Tu Lo Sepas”

If case y’all didn’t know, now you now: Taino is a boricua and proud AF. This freestyle/hip-hop/dance song with the hood-tastic video is a barrio favorite. 

6. El Gran Combo, “El Buen Borincano”

El Gran Combo, “El Buen Borincano”

Meet the original #SquadGoals: El Gran Combo. The legendary salsa group waxes poetic about their lovely Borinquen and you get to dance your ass off.

7. Marc Anthony “Preciosa”

Marc Anthony “Preciosa”

A Puerto Rican pride playlist would be incomplete without a Marc Anthony song. Here, the salsero of our time love letter to Puerto Rico pulls at your bori heartstrings and never lets go.

8. Bobby Valentin, “Soy Boricua”

Bobby Valentin, “Soy Boricua”

El Rey del Bajo lays a funky soundscape for this ode to the homeland. If you aren’t inspired to get up and dance, then you probably don’t have an once of soul.

9. Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe, “Borinquen”

Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe, “Borinquen”

The gods of salsa gave us this gem early on in their careers and decades after, it still bangs as though it just premiered on your favorite streaming service. Boom!

10. Jennifer Lopez, “Plenarriquena”

Jennifer Lopez, “Plenarriquena”

The HBIC (Head Boricua in Charge) exuded her pride all over this track. It’s live, it’s loud and it’s all J. Lo.

11. Aventura, “Mi Puerto Rico”

Aventura, “Mi Puerto Rico”

Perhaps, because they are the Kings of Bachata, a Dominican artform, most people forget that Aventura have Puerto Rican roots. And this song more than proves it. 

12. Ismael Rivera, “Borinquen”

Ismael Rivera, “Borinquen”

How Puerto Rican was the late singer? Well, in 2001, the Puerto Rican government declared Oct. 5th as Ismael Rivera Day. ‘Nuff said.

13. Two Without Hats, “Que Bonita Bandera”

Two Without Hats, “Que Bonita Bandera”

It’s what every single Puerto Rican will be singing this weekend: “Que bonita bandera!!!” And the dance outfit, Two Without Hats, added some bass and created a jam for the ages.

14. Daddy Yankee f/ will.i.am, “Plane to PR”

Daddy Yankee f/ will.i.am, “Plane to PR”

Reggaeton still reigns supreme on the isle and Daddy Yankee remains its biggest artist. Here, he gets an assist from the Black Eyed Peas frontman for the Puerto Rican hotness.

15. Frankie Cutlass, “Puerto Rico”

Frankie Cutlass, “Puerto Rico”

Cutlass is one proud Puerto Rican. The DJ took a sample from a vintage DJ Grand Wizard Theodore set and created a classic chant. “Hooooo!”