Is Selena's "No Me Queda Mas" or "I Could Fall in Love" Better? Solange Makes the Tough Decision

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This could be one of the most difficult calls any Selena fan will ever have to make.

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Solange is on the cover of Interview Magazine, where she was interviewed by her big sis Beyonce. During a rapid fire question section, Queen Bey asked her little hermana, "No Me Queda Mas" or "I Could Fall in Love"?

Now, in case you're unaware, the Houston-born ladies are both huge fans of Selena Quintanilla — Solange even covered "I Could Fall in Love" during a Paris concert. And Beyonce once reminisced about the time she met the late Queen of Tejano. “I did actually meet Selena in the Galleria Mall in Houston, but I didn’t say much to her because I wasn’t a celebrity. I just saw her and said hello and kept it moving. Definitely growing up in Texas, I heard her on the radio. I think listening to her album — even though I didn’t know exactly what she was saying — it helped me in the studio with my pronunciation,” Beyonce said. “I think she is a legend. I admire her. She was so talented. Even though she didn’t know who I was… I was still so excited that I got the opportunity!”

So just how did Solange respond to Bey's question?

"This is so unfair!" she said, naming "No Me Queda Mas" as her choice.

To Solange's defense, that's really a tough decision — how can one even compare the two? We'll admit, as hardcore Selena fans, we might never have been able to decide.

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Listen to Selena's "No Me Queda Mas" below: