Shakira's No Shoe Policy

Though Shakira is normally seen as one of the more down-to-earth pop stars out there, her concert organizers in Foro Sol recently dished about some odd demands the Colombian pop star made on her tour stop in Mexico's capital city.  According to TV y Novelas, a source close to the singer’s concert promoters said that Shakira demanded a dressing room be built on stage so the singer could change clothes quickly. 

“What surprised us the most were her demands for the stage floor,” the source said.  “Because she performs barefoot, she wanted the floor to be completely flat and without imperfections.”  Shakira, according to the organizers, also demanded that no one step on the stage and for artists opening for her concert to use a rug so that the floor wouldn’t suffer any damages.

“Even those who worked on the floor had to be barefoot,” said the source.

Actually, that sort of makes sense. If she's performing barefoot and dancing as hard as we know she does every night for her fans, then even the smallest splinter or imperfection could cause some serious damage. Outside of the demand for shoeless perfection, the source said the "Waka, Waka" singer didn’t ask for anything else too crazy.