Shakira's Collaboration with Calle 13 is Socially Conscious, "Danceable"

Details on the much-hyped collaboration between Colombian pop star Shakira and Puerto Rican alt-reggaetoneros Calle 13 are slowly trickling out. now reports that the track is called "Libertad" and boasts socially conscious lryics, which is nothing new for Calle
13, but a rare thing for Shakira; despite the singer's huge investment in
philanthropy work, especially via her Pies Dezcalzos foundation, she rarely performs music with a social message.

The song was also reportedly co-written by Shaki, Residente and Visitante during their studio session earlier this year, and Residente has described it as "very good and danceable." (Of course he would say that!)

How excited are you for the Shaki/Calle 13 collabo?