Shakira’s Unofficial Guide to Barcelona

Vicky Cristina, who? Barcelona belongs to Shakira in the new video for “Loca,” the merengue-powered single from the Colombian singer’s upcoming album Sale el Sol (out October 19; Sony). Shot in the Catalonian capital, the “crazy” clip captures our favorite hip-shaker roller-skating by the beach, frolicking in a water fountain and taking to the streets on a motorcycle. “Barcelona is one of my favorite cities and has become a second home to me,” said Shakira. “The video is just about having fun and being real in this amazing place with real people.”

If you want to follow in Shakira’s four-wheeled footsteps and discover this “amazing place” on your own, here’s her unofficial guide to Barcelona

1. Shakira LOCA Video

2. Shaki Barcelona STAY

 Stay: In February Shaki was seen dining with hunky tennis player Rafael Nadal at the W Hotel in Barcelona, a year-old property that’s shaped like a sail and set on the southern tip of a beach occasionally frequented by nudists. The hotel was designed by Paulina Rubio’s ex–father-in-law Ricardo Bofill.

3. Shaki Barcelona PLAY

Play: Speaking of the beach, Shakira wore a gold bikini top and gold pants to dance on Barceloneta Beach, a huge patch of sand on the Mediterranean Sea flanked by restaurants and nightclubs. She also splashed around in the historic Pla de Palau fountain. And while it’s illegal to take a dip in any of Barcelona’s public fountains, you can certainly take a pic there.

4. Shaki Barcelona EAT

Chow: Shakira eats small meals to keep her metabolism going and her six-pack intact. No wonder she loves those delectable Spanish bites known as tapas. One of Barcelona’s best tapas joints is Tapaç 24, an always-buzzing eatery with an exposed kitchen and a menu of reinvented Catalan classics. The Bikini Comerç 24—a sandwich of jamón ibérico, mozzarella and black truffle—may not have you looking as svelte as Shaki in a two-piece but it sure tastes good. Buen provecho!