Shakira Meets Another Spot On Impersonator, Gives Hugo Chavez Guitar?

Quite a bit of controversy was stirred up yesterday when Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took to Twitter to thank Shakira for giving him a signed red guitar.  But according to a statement made by Shakira’s press office, she had “signed 6 guitars at the request of concert organizers” while she was on tour in Caracas, Venezuela. It also mentioned that Shakira discovered on Monday that “one of them was sent to the President’s office.” According to Minister Andres Izarra, the guitars were sent out by those who organized the event.

In other Shaki news, it looks like the Colombian pop star found herself another vocal twin! Shakira’s recently posted a video to her blog from her European tour where she surprises a Romanian fan named Sanziana (who sounds almost identical to the pop star) with a personal visit. The young fan was totally freaked out when she met Shakira and it looks like it was a touching moment for both of them. Watch the video below!