Shakira Announces New Interactive Tour

Shakira is planning a new kind of tour to hit the UK this Winter. She is working with theater director Felix Barrettto plan a show that emphasizes audience interaction. The upcoming concerts, entitled Tour Of Earthly Delights, will kick off on December 14 in Manchester, and run until December 20.

"My live show will have a lot of that, a lot of dancing, a joie de vivre," Shakira promised Contact Music. "I feel such freedom on stage. It's such a rush to be performing. I like to see everybody's faces on stage, to see the reaction. Normally you can only see the front row because of the lights."

Shakira is promising her British fans a show that mirrors the energy she channeled for her Glastonbury performance. "You'll see a lot of the energy you saw during my Glastonbury festival appearance...I want to feel things up close. My vibe is to gather different influences from all over and put them together with my own style."