Romeo Says Aventura's Next Album "Could Be The Last"

Is Aventura headed for retirement? That's the word on the street these days, ever since the bachata megagroup announced the title of their upcoming album, The Last. But the group's frontman, Romeo, says it's not what you think! MTV Tr3s caught up with the Dominican heartthrob at the video shoot for Aventura's new single, "Por Un Segundo," where he addressed the breakup rumor head-on:

"It’s called “The Last” for many reasons. It could be the last Aventura album, but that’s because the record label [Premium Latin] owns the name. We may have to change from Aventura to Los Perros or something [Laughs]. You need the right label and the right publicist. There are so many steps to this and you need the right team."

Whew. There you have it, ladies. Aventura will still be with us, but they might have to call themselves something much lamer. As long as their sweet voices never change, we'll take it!