The King Stays King: 6 Romeo Santos Videos That Will Make You Melt

We waited three looonnggg years for Romeo Santos to give us new music, and earlier this week he finally delivered with his latest, "Héroe Favorito."

The Bronx-born Dominican and Puerto Rican released the music video on TIDAL, which features Genesis Rodriguez as his leading lady. From Superman to the Hulk, Romeo transforms into five different superheroes to save his woman, leaving every single one of us swooning and wishing we could be her. Sigh. The bachata king spoke to Billboard about the inspiration behind his video. "I always had this fascination with superheroes," he explained. "Who didn't love Hulk and Spider-Man?"

Discussing the plotline of the song, which is about a girl he desires and would do anything to protect, Santos said, "Her parents are trying to set her up with this other guy. At least from my perspective, she's not too enthusiastic about it, so in my imagination, I'm like, if I were a superhero I would protect her. I have strength like Hulk, climb up 100 feet to her balcony like Spider-Man, a lot of metaphors."

Here are six Romeo Santos videos, including "Héroe Favorito," that will cause you to melt away completely:

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1. Romeo Santos Video: Eres Mia

"Eres Mía"

Year: 2014

Album: Formula, Vol. 2

2. Romeo Santos Video: Heroe Favorito


"Héroe Favorito"

Year: 2017

3. Romeo Santos Video: Propuesta Indecente

"Propuesta Indecente"

Year: 2013

Album: Formula, Vol. 2

4. Romeo Santos Video: All Aboard

"All Aboard"

Year: 2011

Album: Formula, Vol. 1

5. Romeo Santos Video: Promise


Year: 2011

Album: Formula, Vol. 1

6. Romeo Santos Video: You


Year: 2011

Album: Formula, Vol. 1