How to Use Romeo Santos Lyrics for a Breakup

Cuffin' season may not be over, but it might be about that time to break up with that certain someone. You know what we're talking about! The King of Bachata, Romeo Santos, is an expert at singing about a broken heart so why not take inspiration from his lyrics to end things quickly?

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1. RS: Music Video


No solutions means no resolutions. 

"Yo aqui sin solucion." ("I'm here with no solution.")

2. RS: Que Se Mueran


When you know the "it's not you, it's me" line is coming. 

"Que los nuestro no es debido." ("This relationship isn't allowed.")

3. RS: Mi Santa


The candle of doom. 

"Te enciendo una velita en mi armario." ("I'm lighting a candle for you.")

4. RS: Promise


When you lose yourself in a relationship, you know it's time to end it. 

"He perdido el balance por tu amor." ("I have lost my balance because of your love.")

5. RS: Magia Negra


Black magic is never good magic. 

"Magia negra que me heciza." ("Your black magic has me bewitched.")

6. RS: Soberbio


Sometimes it's better to leave in the night and never turn back. 

"Decía estas dormido pero me despido." ("You said I was sleeping but I'm leaving.")

7. RS: Odio


Getting put into the friend's zone is the worst!

"Pero tú desvaneces y me ofreces tu amistad sin otra excepción." ("You start to distant yourself and offer me your friendship with no exception.")

8. RS: No Tiene la Culpa


If you start to suffer, then walk away. 

"Que hay personas crueles, que celebran el sufrir." ("There are cruel people that celebrate another one's suffering.")