The Romeo Factor: Every Latin Boy Band Has Its Heartthrob

Every boy band in the history of boy bands has its token heartthrob (we're talking to you, Anthony "Romeo" Santos!). Until recently, Romeo was the heartthrob in Aventura  the mega-popular bachata super-group that is, until the 29-year-old Dominican and Puerto Rican hottie branched out on his own with his new single, "You," a romantic bachata ballad that's sure to make the ladies swoon! Romeo's heartthrob status got us thinking about the rompecorazones in other popular Latin boy bands. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Heartthrobs: Aventura

Romeo, 29

So many Latinas want to be Romeo’s Juliet — and we can't blame them. Anthony “Romeo” Santos — the lead singer of Aventura — has always stood out as the hottest member of the mega-popular bachata super-group. Maybe it's his sincere smile or his soulful voice, or maybe it's the way he wears his shirts (the sexy singer always shows a little chest, which is just fine with us) — but whatever it is, the part-Dominican, part Puerto Rican singer oozes sexuality. What we have for this heartthrob no es amor, es una obsesion. 

2. Heartthrobs: Menudo

Ricky Martin, Menudo

If we had a moneda for every time we heard that Ricky Martin was the hottest member of Menudo, we'd be rich! Yes, there were four other boys in the mega-popular 80's boy band (including super-talented singer/songwriter Robi Draco Rosa, who, tragically, was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer), but Ricky quickly became the favorite of the group's pre-teen female fans, who were drawn to Ricky because of his sweet, charming and non-threatening nature. 





3. Heartthrobs: Los Chicos

Chayanne, Los Chicos

While some thought that Tony Ocasio had the best voice out of the four boys in the Puerto Rican boy band Los Chicos, it was Chayanne who had the best dance moves and went on to become the group's most popular member. Chayanne, whose good looks speak for themselves, has always had a gentle and soothing voice that makes us smell the romance in the air. Chayanne is such a charming presence in his music videos that it's hard to believe that a woman would leave him without explanation, which is what happens in his popular video for the song, “Y Tu Te Vas."



4. Heartthrobs: Calle 13

Rene "Residente" Perez, Calle 13

We’d visit with el Visitante, but we’d move in with Residente! Sure, he's not a guy you can bring home to mom (you might get slapped across the head with a chancleta!), but there's no denying that this rugged bad boy has massive sex appeal. He's got guns for arms and a hot bod, but he's also smart and passionate, which makes him even more appealing.  There's also something very sexy about a man who doesn't care what anyone thinks, and this dude, well let's just say he doesn't mind if he insults "el mundo entero. So hide him from mom (and dad), but make sure you can find him!


5. Heartthrobs: Camila

Mario Domm (Camila

Mario Domm is the kind of guy who always looks like he just rolled out of bed. Scruffy, unkempt, and unshaven, the Mexican pop star - a.k.a the lead singer, composer and producer of the Mexican soft rock band, Camila - is sexy in a Johnny Depp kind of way. 

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