Romeo Dishes on His Solo Aventura

In January, Aventura’s lead singer, Romeo announced that he had a new solo deal with Jive records worth $10 million. The new contract required at least five solo efforts from the 29-year-old singer-songwriter, with his first album expected to drop around October of 2011.

Now the Dominican bachatero is talking about his new solo album on the cover of the Santo Domingo Times. When the magazine asked Romeo what kind of music will be featured on his solo album, he said it’ll be 65 percent what we’re used to from him, along with some R & B, pop and ballads.

And even though there have been rumors that Aventura was breaking up for several months, Romeo tells the publication that he never dreamt of embarking on his own solo career, until he saw that his fellow group members were doing just that. Ironic, isn't it?