Rocsi's Inside Track: Why Romeo Santos Is The King of Bachata

Romeo Romeo where art thou?!

I was one of the many heartbroken fans when I heard that Aventura would be splitting up, but I had no doubt in my mind that the lead singer Romeo Santos was off to do big things. A little birdie informed me of some acting that may be in this Bronx boy's future too.

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Right now lets get into what makes Romeo Santos the King of Bachata! Lets start with "Promise," his collaboration with Usher, which sent the music industry a huge "Wake Up Call" that Romeo Santos is the hot ticket and has no problem standing on his own. This song alone spent weeks on the Billboard charts, not to mention that I think it was the first time Usher may have had a little competition on who sounds sexier singing to the ladies (Sorry Usher, it always sounds better in Spanish).

I must say he is such a brilliant, bilingual babe by showing us that crossing over to the pop world is no problem for him. His recent single featuring Lil Wayne is flawless! "Everything you need you are going to receive it tonight" sounds like just like a conductor he is leading the way for you. Of course, Lil Wayne lends a few bars and he knows how to make a ladies mind wonder a little.

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"You" is probably one of my favorite bachata songs he tells a woman all she wants to hear. In "Mi Santa" his life is what he will give for this woman; he praises her, he worships her, she becomes his religion. The Spanish guitar played by Tomatito is the cherry on top for this song. 

All of these songs can of course be found on his album “Formula: Vol 1.” Right now he stands alone as Romeo Santos so I believe he should get all the attention and a standing ovation. Great job Romeo!