Rocsi's Inside Track: Why I Love Prince Royce

Unless you have been living under a rock, women have either fantasized about Prince Royce or have closed their eyes thinking "He wrote that about me!!!" Okay, different scenario for the fellas to understand and relate...I'm sure there has been a time when you got closer to a lady you were crushing on while dancing a bachata muy apretado to one of Royce's tracks.

My point being we have fallen for this young man's talent, but I don't know if he truly understands how much his songs have been able to help women get through one of those "I feel ugly days." "Corazon Sin Cara" does just that. The song is completely selfless to himself and caring to a woman's emotional/mental/physical well being. I'm melting thinking of the lyrics and it's my favorite PMS song to uplift me (I know some of you are thinking TMI!).

He helped the fellas with one of the best let down "I'm breaking up with you" songs with "Mi Ultimate Carta." I admit, I get lost in the melody and forget that this is a break-up song, but who cares?! It sounds great. I wish my last break-up would have been so sweet!

Of course, he took the American classic song "Stand by Me" by Ben E King and transformed it to the 21st century hit. I appreciate his rendition. It shows his broad knowledge in music as well as showcases his voice in English…such a bilingual tease! With so much success on his first debut album I hope he doesn't leave us wanting new music for too long.

I hear he is in the studio working on another master piece and I can't wait to hear more!