Rocsi's Inside Track: My Don Omar Playlist

Rocsi Diaz: Host of BET 106 & Park and Rocsi on the Radio

I remember the battles that used to go down once Don Omar hit the scene. Who was better - Don Omar or Daddy Yankee? As if there wasn't enough room for the both of them!

Don Omar's deep and descriptive stories made every barrio relate to his music. The depth of his voice immediately captivated me and he instantly became one of my favorites. 

This may be the hardest blog I have had to write because I love so many songs from Don Omar, but I narrowed it down to my top 3.

1. "Ella Y Yo": I have to admit, I was completely shocked when the third chorus flips and the story turns our to be about his boy's girl. It’s like a telenovela in a song. I love it.

2. "Pobre Diabla": Ladies, how many times were we this pobre diabla crying over a guy? I think he wrote this from a women's perspective a little too well!

3. "Danza Kuduro": Talk about a come back song with so many nominations! This song is one of the hottest songs to ever hit the club.

This was a hard list because of course, "Angelito" and "Dale Don" could have easily been on my list, but I'd rather leave that up to you guys.

What are your top 3 Don Omar songs? Watch the "Danza Kuduro" video and get inspired!

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