Rocsi's Inside Track: My Aventura Playlist

Aventura!!! How can you forget the fellas who were able to sell out MSG multiple times? Their tour was extremely successful and it is sad that we will no longer hear them together as a group. The music they made together, however, will last forever. Besides, we also have Romeo Santos to enjoy!

Check out my playlist on Aventura songs:

1.  "Llorar" off the Love Hate album: This is what a man feels like when he loses his first love and holds back, sometimes wanting to cry, sometimes wanting to scream! I love the male perspective.

2. "Los Infieles" off the K.O.B Live album: A love affair never sounded so good! Romeo even says in the song that he is "a bad boy." The secret stays in the hotel where all the adultery goes down and yet he asks God for forgiveness knowing he has done wrong. If you have ever cheated on your mate, you may have listened to this song to justify what you were doing.

3. "Mi Corazoncito" off the K.O.B Live album: My, how many of us walked around singing, "Mio Mio Mio"??? It takes me back to high schools having the ultimate crush on someone, daydreaming about them and writing my crush's name all over my notebook with hearts all over it. Aventura rightfully deserves to be called K.O.B the Kings of Bachata.

What are your favorite Aventura songs?