Rick Ross Isn't Alone: The 25 Most Offensive Rap Songs (EVER) About Women

Miami rapper Rick Ross, who recently came under fire for his date rape lyrics on “UOENO,” has since (sort of) explained the lyrics. On New Orleans radio station Q93 he said, "I would never use the term rape in my records, in my lyrics. And as far as my camp, hip-hop don't condone that, the streets don't condone that, nobody condones that."

Essentially, no apology or retraction just a simple shrug saying, let’s get back to our old misogynistic ways. Nothing has changed and, what’s worse, Ross isn’t alone. Even your favorite rapper has produced vile, anti-women songs. Bring a barf bag. Yuck!

1. Offensive Rap Songs: Three 6 Mafia

“Slob on my Knob” Three 6 Mafia

Sample Lyrics: “Slob on my knob like corn on the cob / Check in with me and do your job”

We Say: These are Oscar winners?

2. Offensive Rap Songs: UGK

“Pregnant P***y” UGK

Sample Lyrics: “Pregnant p***y is the best you can get/ F***** a b**** while her baby s***** d***”

We Say: One word: enfermo!

3. Offensive Rap Songs: NWA

“One Less B****” NWA

Sample Lyrics: “The b**** tried to gag me. So, I had to kill her. Yeah, straight hittin’/ Now listen up and lemme tell you how I did it/ Yo, I tied her to the bed, I was thinking the worst but yo I had to let my n****** f*** her first yeah/ Loaded up the 44 yo, then I straight smoked the h**”

We Say: Murder. Rape. Senseless.

4. Offensive Rap Songs: Bobby Digital

“Domestic Violence” Bobby Digital (The RZA)

Sample Lyrics: “When I first met you, you was a h**/ I tried to reform you, bomb you, warn you and teach you/ But couldn’t reach you, and you’re still a h**/ Your father said you was a h** and when you leave me, b**** you’re gonna be a h**”

We Say: Sounds like someone who will die alone. 

5. Offensive Rap Songs: French Montana

“Pop That” by French Montana f/ Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne

Sample Lyrics: “B****** know I’m that n*****/ talking four door Bugatti, I’m the life of the party/ Lets get these h*** on the Molly”—Rick Ross

We Say: We’re assuming the overweight rapper always needs women to be drugged to get some.

6. Offensive Rap Songs: Jay-Z

“Big Pimpin” Jay-Z f/ UGK

Sample Lyrics: “I'm a pimp in every sense of the word, b****/ Better trust than believe’em, in the cut where I keep’em til I need a n**/ til I need to beat the guts

Then it's, beep beep and I'm pickin’em up/ Let’em play with the d*** in the truck”—Jay-Z

We Say: What would Beyoncé say? 

7. Offensive Rap Songs: Dr. Dre

“B****** Ain't S***” Dr. Dre f/ Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Daz, Jewell

Sample Lyrics: “B****** ain't s*** but h*** and tricks/ L*** on these n*** and s*** the d***/ Get the f*** out after you're done/ And I hop in my ride to make a quick run”—Snoop Dogg

We Say: Snoop Dogg recently had a reawakening in Jamaica and renamed himself Snoop Lion. We wonder if his views on women have changed?

8. Offensive Rap Songs: Notorious B.I.G.

“One More Chance” The Notorious B.I.G.

Sample Lyrics: “Mess around and go blind, don't get to see s***/ The next batter, here to shatter your bladder, it doesn't matter/ Skinny or fat or light-skinned or black, baby I drop/ These boricua mamis screamin' ‘Ay papi!’”

We Say: You’d probably shatter someone’s bladder too if you were 400 pounds and sat on them.

9. Offensive Rap Songs: 2Pac

“I Get Around” 2Pac

Sample Lyrics: “You don't know me, you just met me, you won't let me/ Well, if I couldn't have it (silly rabbit) why you sweating me?”

We Say: All misogyny and no sex made Pac a dull boy. 

10. Offensive Rap Songs: Pitbull

“Culo” Pitbull

Sample Lyrics: “Mami, feel me let me see you touch your toes or shake that thing and talk wit' you’re a**”

We Say: A talking butt sounds like a lot of hot air but when you’re screaming for “culo” you’d pull up a seat and take it in. 

11. Offensive Rap Songs: Eminem

“Kill You” Eminem

Sample Lyrics: “S***, you think I won't choke no w****/ 'til the vocal chords don't work in her throat no more?! (Ah!) These m************ are thinking I'm playing/

Thinking I'm saying the s*** ‘cause I'm thinking it just to be saying it/ (Ah!) Put your hands down b****, I ain't gonna shoot you/ I'ma pull you to this bullet, and put it through you”

We Say: Clearly, someone has mommy issues. Still, doesn’t excuse his shocking lyrics. 

12. Offensive Rap Songs: Tyler the Creator

“B**** S*** D***” Tyler, The Creator f/ Jasper, Taco

Sample Lyrics: “By the way, we do punch b******”—Jasper

We Say: This isn’t trying to be music—it’s a blatant threat. 

13. Offensive Rap Songs: Ying Yang Twins

“Wait (The Whisper Song)” The Ying Yang Twins

Sample Lyrics: “Ay b****! Wait ‘til you see my d***/ Wait ‘til you see my d***”

We Say: We rather not.

14. Offensive Rap Songs: Lil Jon

“Get Low” Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

Sample Lyrics: “Now bring it back up clap yo a** like hands/ I just wanna see yo a** dirty dance”

We Say: Lil Jon—a master poet.

15. Offensive Rap Songs: Too Short

“B****** Betty” Too Short

Sample Lyrics: “All you had to do was step up to her/ She was in the bathroom sayin’ ‘One at a time’”

We Say: What else would you expect from a former pimp?

16. Offensive Rap Songs: Akinyele 2

“Put it in your Mouth” Akinyele

Sample Lyrics: “Put it in your mouth/ I said my m********** mouth”

We Say: By the looks of Akinyele, he should stop putting food in his mouth. 

17. Offensive Rap Songs: Nelly

“Tip Drill” Nelly f/ St. Lunatics

Sample Lyrics: “I said it must be the a** 'cause it ain't ya face/ I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill”

We Say: It must be ANYTHING else because it isn’t Nelly’s brain.

18. Offensive Rap Songs: Snoop Dogg

“Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None)” Snoop Dogg f/ Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G

Sample Lyrics: “And y'all know, that b****** ain't s*** to me/ I gives a f***, why don't y'all pay attention/ Approach it with a different proposition, I'm Kurupt h** you'll never be my only one, trick a** b****!”

We Say: “Proposition” is a big word to Kurupt. 

19. Offensive Rap Songs: Kool G. Rap

“Talk Like Sex” Kool G. Rap

Sample Lyrics: “I'll leave'em looking' like a rape victim/ Any girl who steps to it/ Ends up getting' their stomach pumped like Rod Stewart/ I do a damn good job”

We Say: Promoting rape isn’t new to rap. “Talk Like Sex” was released in 1990. 

20. Offensive Rap Songs: NWA 2

“A B**** iz a B****” NWA

Sample Lyrics: “Now the title ‘b****’ don't apply to all women/ But all women have a little b**** in'em (yeah)/ It's like a disease that plagues their character, taking' the women of America”–Ice Cube

We Say: So if every woman has a little bitch in them, then wouldn’t every rapper have a little punk in them? 

21. Offensive Rap Songs: Ghostface Killah

“Wildflower” Ghostface Killah

Sample Lyrics: “Sexually you worshipped my d*** like a cross/ I had you fiend out, broke out, for a month you fell off”

We Say: Misogyny + Blasphemy = The Wu Tang Way

22. Offensive Rap Songs: Akinyele

“Break a B**** Neck” Akinyele f/ Kool G. Rap

Sample Lyrics: “So don't be a n**** sex slave b****/ Don't try to be brave b****/ You be a dead b**** in the grave b****/ B**** you think a n**** and come beef out”—Kool G. Rap

We Say: Kool G. Rap really needs help. 

23. Offensive Rap Songs: Slick Rick

“Treat Her Like a Prostitute” Slick Rick

Sample Lyrics: “Treat 'em like a prostitute (do what?)/ Don't treat no girlie well until you're sure of the scoop/ 'cause all they do is they hurt and trample”

We Say: Even British rappers join in on the hate. 

24. Offensive Rap Songs: UGK

“F*** My Car” UGK

Sample Lyrics: “But p**** is the root of all drama/ An attribute put up in they head by they momma”—Bun B

We Say: The Texas rapper badmouths mothers…as if he was born to an animal.

25. Offensive Rap Songs: 2 Live Crew

“Me So Horny” or any song by 2 Live Crew

Sample Lyrics: “Girls always ask me why I f*** so much/ I say ‘What's wrong, baby doll, with a quick nut?’/ 'Cause you're the one, and you shouldn't be mad

I won't tell your mama if you don't tell your dad/ I know he'll be disgusted when he sees your p**** busted/ Won't your mama be so mad if she knew I got that a**?”—Fresh Kid Ice

We Say: 2 Live Crew is the epitome of pig-nosed rap…we can smell the bacon through our keyboards.