Rick Gonzalez Has a God Complex in Lady Gaga's New Music Video for "Judas"

Rick Gonzalez has been in a bunch of films (Old School, War of the Worlds, Coach Carter) and starred in the cult TV series Reaper, but it's his latest role as Jesus—yes, as in the Jesus—in Lady Gaga's controversial new music video for her single "Judas" that has him in the spotlight these days.

Apparently, the Bushwick, Brooklyn bred actor was so surprised when his agent called him about the video, he temporarily forgot who the hugely famous pop star was. "I'm sitting in my house, I get a call from my manager, [and] she says, 'Lady Gaga wants you to be in the video,' " Gonzalez told MTV News. "I'm like, 'Oh, cool. Lady Gaga who?' and she's like, 'Rick, the Lady Gaga.' And I'm like, 'Wow, OK.' And the first thing that comes to my mind and what I tell her is, like, 'How does she know I even exist?'

As for the controversy surrounding the music video, Lady Gaga is brushing it off, telling E! News in an interview, "This video is not meant to be an attack on religion. I respect and love everyone's beliefs. I'm a religious and spiritual person who's obsessed with religious art."

"I believe I was put on this earth to cause a ruckus," she continued. "I just want to keep making stuff that's great and thought-provoking."

Watch Gonzalez's interview below and the video for Gaga's hit new single and tell us what you think!