EXCLUSIVE: RKM & Ken-Y Reveal Their Recipe for Success With "La Formula"

RKM & Ken-Y aren't your average reggaeton duo. Since the release of their freshmen album, Masterpiece, the Puerto Rican artists combined the forces of R&B and the urban genre into a hit-making formula. The "Down" singers manage to keep their street cred all the while spitting lyrics about love and romance; a delicate balance they mastered in their album, Forever, which spawned hits like, "Mi Corazon Esta Muerto." Now they are preparing to release their fourth studio album, Formula, which drops August 14.

We got a chance to talk to RKM & Ken-Y at Sirius XM studios in NY. Read our exclusive below:

How have you grown as artist from your first album Masterpiece to your latest La Formula?

Ken-Y: "Well, I got thinner and RKM got more muscular (Laughs). I think our career growth has been beautiful compared to the first album. We expanded our sound, covered different genres, and worked with incredible producers. We are just happy to be living our dreams."

What inspired the title of your latest album La Formula?

Ken-Y: "The concept behind that was showing that we are returning to our beginnings. The base is reggaeton, but without leaving behind the romanticism that makes us who we are. It represents that we and our family at Pina Records have the formula to create new music. We have that chemistry."

You are known for touching on romantic issues in your music - especially in  your last album Forever. What personal experiences did you draw from?

RKM: "I wouldn't say the lyrics draw much on personal experiences, but we cover everything from bachata to reggaeton to merengue. There's a mix of everything, which we love."

Ken-Y: "I think everyone can identify with the theme of romance. Like RKM said, there isn't one song that directly draws from a personal experience, but at the same time I think it's a universal topic we can all relate to."

You guys were just at the Puerto Rican Day Parade. What gives you pride about being Puerto Rican?

RKM: "The love and respect we give one another. There's such a unity among the Puerto Rican community."

Ken-Y: "To have a day dedicated to our people is also amazing. Seeing all of those flags in the air was a beautiful thing. We are people who love being loved."

What’s your craziest fan experience?

Ken-Y: "Women are very creative when it comes to getting attention. One of the moments that pops in my head is when we were in Florida, and we went back on our tour bus. When I touch the bottom of my seat I noticed two women hiding. I thought maybe it was the back-up dancers playing a trick, but when I look it was two fans!"

Listen to Ken-Y talk about his crazy fan experience below and let us know what you think!