Prince Royce Sued by Label - Files Counterclaim

Prince Royce is in a royal mess...

The bachata singer has filed a counter lawsuit against his music label Top Stop Music, which filed a claim against the Dominican artist last year for "breach of contract and unjust enrichment."

According to Billboard, the 23-year-old filed his complaint in a Florida court last week. The paperwork alleges that the record company does not have full rights to his music since he was not exclusively signed to them. In addition, he is fighting for Top Stop Music not to have rights on his future recordings.

Royce (born Geoffrey Royce Rojas) also filed a third party claim against producer and TSM President, Sergio Georgeto, for "engaging in a public campaign of words seeking to undermine Royce's reputation in the Latin American community."

Despite Top Stop's claim that they discovered and developed Royce's career since 2009, his lawyer Kenneth Freundlich put out the following statement, "Top Stop's case is nothing more than a desperate attempt to claim rights from Royce that it does not have."

Freundlich also explains that the company has made false claims about the hit singer to media outlets, including Primer Impacto. He expressed, "Royce's counterclaims seek a swift, just and public resolution of this matter to prevent Top Stop from causing any further damage to his career."

What do you think about Prince Royce's battle with his record label?