Prince Royce & Emeraude Toubia Show Off Their Love in "Culpa al Corazón"

Prince Royce's new music video for "Culpa al Corazón" has dropped, and his leading lady is none other than Shadowhunters star, Emeraude Toubia.

"Culpa al Corazón" is our favorite Dominicano's return to his bachata roots. The romantic single tells the story of a passionate love affair that finds itself faced with one intense, violent obstacle. We see Royce and Toubia show off their love in what feels like a very Romeo and Juliet-like tale with a twist.

Last we spoke with the Mexican and Lebanese actress, she told us there'd be a surprise with the Bronx-born singer coming our way but we weren't quite sure what it could be.

When asked about Royce, Toubia stated: "He’s a guy that I admire so much. He’s someone that fights for his dreams, and that keeps fighting. I like to surround myself with people that have dreams and that fight for them everyday."

She continued, "I think he’s a big role model for young girls and young guys. I think his career has been impeccable and I love his music. He’s a guy that I’ve known for so long and I really care about him and appreciate what he’s done."

Watch Royce and Toubia in the video for "Culpa al Corazón" above!