10 Artists We Want Prince Royce to Collaborate With!

From Selena Gomez to Thalia to Daddy Yankee, bachatero Prince Royce has already collaborated with some of the best in the business!

The Dominicano admitted to us that he has an English-language album on the way in 2014, and we're crazy with anticipation. Hopefully, the singer will jump on the opportunity to get into the studio with some amazing (and unexpected!) artists.

Hey, Prince Royce, here are 10 singers we'd love to see you duet with:

1. royce slide 01 one direction

One Direction:

N’Sync collaborated with Gloria Estefan. Boyz II Men belted it with Mariah Carey. One Direction, it’s your turn to team up with a Latino!

2. royce slide 02 Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony: 

These ladies are hot, hot, hot right now. Fifth Harmony definitely has the vocals to keep up with Royce. Plus, the group boasts three Latina members -- Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui, and Ally Brooke. Killer voices and a Latin flair? We’d love to hear that collab.

3. royce slide 03 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato:

We love Prince Royce's duet with Selena Gomez, but why not try a song with her bestie, Demi Lovato? Lovato always had some of the strongest vocals of the Disney crew, and we’d love to see her team up with the Domincano for a bilingual power ballad.

4. royce slide 04 jt

Justin Timberlake:

We’ve been madly in love with Justin Timberlake since his days on the Mickey Mouse Club. From N’Sync to “Suit and Tie”, we love each and every one of his songs, but one of our favorites jams will always be “Señorita.” But..is it just us, or does the song lack a little...Latino flair? We’d love to see Timberlake re-record the hit as a duet with Prince Royce!

5. royce slide 05 romeo santos

Romeo Santos: 

Just the thought of this amazing bachata collab has us shaking with excitement.

6. royce slide 06 taylor swift

Taylor Swift:

Ok, so this would take some seriously thoughtful songwriting, but we can’t help but wonder what a country/bachata song would sound like. Spanish-language singers and country artists rarely collaborate, and we think it would be an amazing opportunity to create a completely original track.

7. royce slide 07 shakira


Shakira has collaborated with Pitbull and Alejandro Sanz in the past...so why not give Prince Royce a chance? These two Latinos would create a sexy and romantic tune that would be all over the airwaves.  

8. royce slide 08 adam levine

Adam Levine: 

We would love to see the Sexiest Man Alive and the Sexiest Dominicano Alive (in our opinion) join forces. The two heartthrobs both have incredible voices and both are total románticos. We think our hearts would completely stop if they teamed up for a sweet love song.

9. royce slide 09 pitbull


Mr. Worldwide and Prince Royce have already toured together (along with Spanish crooner Enrique Iglesias!), but we want more! We’d love to see the rapper and singer team up for a Miami-style party jam.

10. royce slide 10 ariana grande

Ariana Grande: 

When we first heard Ariana Grande’s beautiful duet with Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, we knew we needed her to record a romantic bilingual ballad with Royce.