Pitbull Wants To "Follow In Will Smith's Footsteps" - Is Hollywood In His Future?

Getty Images

In case you have been chilling under a rock, Pitbull is ruling the world!

We previously reported that the Cuban rapper's trademark lyrics will be featured in the theme song, "Back in Time" for the sci-fi comedy, Men In Black 3. Mr. 305, who co-wrote the single, reveals that he looks up to the flick's lead actor and rapper, Will Smith

He recently spoke to MTV News while filming the music video in Los Angeles, "I think he's the blueprint of what any artist in the music business would look up to and idolize what he's done." He adds, "As far as not only in the music business, but also in Hollywood, how he's gone from not only one of the best artists musically [to] also one of the best actors, I would say, around the world."

Pitbull also revealed that he would love to work on a movie with Smith someday. Pitbull in Hollywood? We can definitely picture that being a success. 

Listen to Pitbull's "Back in Time" below and let us know what you think!