'Parks and Rec' star Aubrey Plaza Goes Crazy in New Music Video

This funny girl has a dark side!

Half-Boricua actress Aubrey Plaza has her comedic timing on-point for Parks & Recreation, but the 27-year-old star is leaving her intern image behind for the new music video “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” featuring musician J. Tillman, formerly of the Fleet Foxes.

Video: Aubrey Plaza's Funniest Moments as an Intern on "Parks & Recreation"

Plaza, who also appears in the new World of Warcraft commercial, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her role in the video, “We created this trippy funeral scene in Laurel Canyon. I play a crazy person who destroys the funeral,” she said.

Trippy is an understatement. The actress is seen walking around with a bloody face, eats flowers, and is found laying like road kill. Watch the video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery" and let us know what you think!

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