Ozomatli Produces Inspiring Music For Kids

A party isn’t a party without Ozomatli playing in the background. The Grammy-winning group is known for their energetic tunes and powerful proactive lyrics that inspire change. Now the 15-year-old group is spreading the love to los niños for their first-ever bilingual children’s album, Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz, dropping next month.

Singer Asdrubal Sierra explained the idea behind the album to NBC Latino, “We were looking at our audience, and our fans were multiplying and having babies.” Several members of the band, including Asdrubal, were also entering that stage in life, which soon became their muse for new music.

Ozomatli has also worked with PBS in developing music for some of their programming, which also inspired their kid-friendly music. “Us being fathers, we’re always telling our kids to wash their hands,” revealed band member Wil-Dog.

“So we write about germs, but then we learned something – there’s good germs too. It’s not all negative…Songs come out naturally, we don’t force the direction of the tunes. They’re about what we are going through at that time,” he added.

Would you listen to the children’s album with your family?