Our Top 11 Fave Latin Pop Collaborations

Nothing ushered us into the holiday spirit like hearing the new duet between Thalía and Michael Bublé this morning. In Feliz Navidad, the Mexican singer partnered up with the Canadian crooner in a perfect blend of both English and Spanish. We were pleasantly surprised to hear Bublé sing in español – in that voice often likened to the late Frank Sinatra.

The chorus of “Feliz Navidad” is the same as that of the famous holiday song by Puerto Rican singer/composer José Feliciano.

The new collaboration got us thinking about some of our favorite collaborations in Latin music over the years. Check out some of them below:


1. DUETS: Thalia & Michael Buble

2. Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra

Enrique Iglesias & Juan Luis Guerra

“Cuando me Enamoro”

We usually prefer Enrique with his shirt off, but we loved seeing his G-rated side in this duet with Juan Luis Guerra. The video is even an ode to grade-school puppy love—and features a cameo by Ana Ortiz!

3. Jennifer Lopez & Fat Joe/Big Pun

Jennifer Lopez & Fat Joe/ Big Pun

“Feelin’ So Good”

Jennifer Lopez is a bigger star than ever these days, but sometimes we find ourselves missing our “Jenny from the block.” When we need a dose of vintage J.Lo, listening to this infectious hit—which features her longtime friends and frequent collaborators Fat Joe and the late Big Punisher—usually does the trick.

4. Juanes & Nelly Furtado

Juanes & Nelly Furtado


When Canadian-born Portuguese pop star Nelly Furtado wanted to tap into her Latina side, the first person she probably called was her pal Juanes. The sultry pair first collaborated on “Fotografia” from Juanes’ 2002 album Un Dia Normal, and he returned the favor by singing on the song “Te Busque” from Nelly’s multiplatinum album Loose.

5. Shakira & Alejandro Sanz

Shakira & Alejandro Sanz

“La Tortura”
Who could make torture look as hot as Shakira and Alejandro Sanz? These two make such beautiful music together on camera, it’s no wonder they’re constantly dogged by rumors of an off-camera romance!

6. Shakira & Beyonce

Shakira & Beyonce

“Beautiful Liar”
Speaking of Shakira—and hotness—her 2007 collaboration with Beyonce on the track “Beautiful Liar” practically burned up the screen. With Shaki’s abs and Be’s booty taking center stage, everyone stopped caring if those hips were lying.

Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar by JoLeDalton

7. Gloria Estefan & pitbull

Gloria Estefan & Pitbull

“No Llores”

It’s not often we see Pitbull’s signature swagger upstaged, but when he shared a mic with Gloria Estefan on her song “No Llores,” it became clear who really rules the 305. Somehow, we don’t think Pit minds playing second fiddle to glorious Gloria.

8. Daddy Yankee & Fergie

Daddy Yankee & Fergie


Fergie offered guest vocals for the king of reggaeton on “Impacto,” a sizzling single from his album El Cartel: The Big Boss. The duo look great together in the white-hot video, and we’re always thrilled to see Fergie tap into her inner Latina!

9. Don Omar & Daddy Yankee

Don Omar & Daddy Yankee

“Hasta Abajo”

Talk about forgive and forget: when these two reggaetoneros ended their feud in 2008, they became the most frequent collaborators since Pitbull and Lil Jon. In two short years, the duo worked together on nearly half a dozen tracks. Our favorite? Daddy Yankee’s remix of Don Omar’s Latin Grammy-winning “Hasta Abajo.”

10. Ricky Martin & Joss Stone

Ricky Martin & Joss Stone

“The Best Thing About Me is You”

Though it’s his personal life that tends to make headlines, we’ve noticed a new side to Ricky’s music lately. We love his collabo with British songstress Joss Stone on the breezily romantic track “The Best Thing About Me is You,” the first single from his new album Musica + Alma + Sexo….

11. Ricky Martin & Natalia Jimenez

Ricky Martin & Natalia Jimenez

“Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu”

…but it can’t touch the Spanish-language version he recorded with Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez. Ricky hit a new milestone with his first Spanish-language single—and no, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” doesn’t count.