Exclusive: Natti Natasha Talks “Makossa,” Don Omar, & Dominican Republic

Natti Natasha

And how about your new album?

I want a new sound for people to enjoy. Just because it’s urban it doesn’t mean it’s just for a certain group. It should be international. As a female representing the movement I gotta do it right. We’re working on my new album and it’s a lot of tropical with urban sounds. It’s about love, real issues that women go through everyday, and equality.

What is some golden advice Don Omar has given you?

That social media is key. It’s how people got to know me. “Dutty Love” went viral on YouTube. This is the new way to get directly to the fans. It’s fun. It’s a great way to promote yourself. He said to always keep that one-on-one contact with fans so they can get a feel for who you are.

What do you do when you’re not recording or performing?

I watch Under the Dome. Oh my God! I love it. I watched Dexter but it ended in a really weird way. I think it’s going to start over again because he’s a new character; he’s like a fisherman. Lately, I’ve been watching binge watching online. Stay in bed for a whole weekend!

How was it the first time you performed in DR?

It was great! It was nerve wrecking. My sister was there and my parents were listening on the radio. The people supported me, they that you’re not a prophet in your own land. When you go your country it’s tough. They’d be like, “She’s Dominican so lets see what she has.” It came out really well. After that day, more and more people starting recognizing me more.