Natalia Jiménez Drops Debut Album with 3 English-Language Songs!

Another Latino crossover artist is emerging! Natalia Jimenez—whose beautiful, passionate vocals won us over as the lead singer of La Quinta Estación—is releasing her first self-titled solo album! Emilio Estefan produced Jimenez’s debut album and encouraged her to record three songs in English with the translation help of his wife, Gloria Estefan.

WATCH: Natalia Jiménez's New Music Video "Por Ser Tu Mujer"

“I’m really happy! I love my first album as a solo artist. I think it is the most versatile record of my career, and also I’m very proud of having Emilio Estefan as a producer on my project,” said Jimenez.

The first single, “Por Ser Tu Mujer” was translated and recorded in English under the title “I’ll Do Whatever It Takes.” The music video for the song echoes some real-life woes for Jimenez and features her as a blushing bride who never makes it to the altar.

La Quinta Estación's Natalia Jimenez Calls Off Wedding

Emilio Estefan said, "It is refreshing to find an artist that has all of the necessary elements: beauty, a great sense of fashion, but most importantly, an artist that has an extraordinary voice and also has the ability to write incredible lyrics.”

Estefan even compared her to another hugely popular crossover star, saying, “She reminds me a bit of Shakira [because she knows exactly what she wants in the studio].” Shaki happens to be a successful protégé of the megaproducer.

As for the future of her Grammy-winning band, La Quinta Estación, Jimenez says, “We’re taking a little time apart.”

Jimenez won’t be taking any time apart from her fans, though. Look out for her on a promotional tour through Miami, Los Angeles, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Latin America.

Jimenez is releasing a deluxe edition of the album with five bonus tracks available only at Target stores and on on June 21.