MUSIC ROUNDUP: Wisin y Yandel Win Songwriting Props, Allegedly Tell Followers to “Learn Spanish”

Wisin y Yandel Tie for Latin Songwriter of the Year

Normally we bestow praise upon Wisin y Yandel for their ability to propel us onto the dance floor, hips first, and not for their songwriting chops. But at the BMI Latin Awards on June 12, the reggaetoneros tied for the prestigious Latin Songwriter of the Year Award. (The other winner? Espinoza Paz, a regional Mexican guru who’s penned tracks for La Arolladora, El Protro de Sinaloa and others.) Cómo, you ask? We’re pretty sure that these were the lyrics which helped the duo edge out the rest of their musical peers:

Tienes un cuerpo brutal, woah-ohh-ohh
Que todo hombre desaria tocar, woah-oh-oh
Sexy movimiento, oh, oh, oh

Y tu perfume combinao con el viento, qué rico huele!

Just kidding…we love you, WY! Especially because you just delivered the best answer we’ve ever heard to a million-dollar question. reports that when the two were recently asked about their plans to record an English-language album for their U.S. fans, Yandel replied: "Que aprendan español." We hear that. There's no need for these guys to highlight what’s already been proven by Daddy Yankee and others: reggaeton en ingles is not a good look.

Cop It: Prima J’s Debut Album

It’s here, and you know you want it! Jessica and Janelle Martinez, a.k.a. Prima J, have been delivering the ear crack since “Rock Star” and “Nadie,” and now their self-titled first album is out this week. The girls bring their second-generation latinidad to hip-hop infused pop tracks, and if you’re a fan of Paula DeAnda, Kat DeLuna and other divas on the rise, you’ll no doubt love this. Click here for the music video for the album’s first single, “Corazón,” and be sure to check out the dance breakdown towards the end. It’s fire!

Julieta Venegas Gets Unplugged

Julieta Venegas: MTV Unplugged has already shot straight to #1 on iTunes, and there’s one simple reason why. The woman has talent for days, and on this recording, she pulls out all the stops: rapper La Mala on “Eres Para Mi,” Portugese singer Marisa Monte on a new song called “Ilusion,” rocker Juan Carlos Son (of Porter) on the punk-rooted track “De Mis Pasos.” Those are just three songs on an album that’s full of highlights from start to finish. Read our exclusive interview with Julieta here, and then head straight for iTunes to download the album yourselves.

The Coldplay Conundrum

Coldplay. The name alone gives us chills (we are categorically opposed to U.K. weenie-arena rock, as a matter of principle), but when we heard that the band’s new album title, Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends, was inspired by none other than a Frida Kahlo painting, we had to give it a shot. "I just loved the boldness of it., said frontman Chris Martin about the chosen name. "Everyone thinks it comes from Ricky Martin, which is fine. I have absolute respect.” Chris Martin respects Ricky Martin? How very un-badass of him. As for his band’s album, the Latin inspiration extends as far as half of the title, and the songs are more pompous than ever. If you like your U2 served up lukewarm, go for this album. If not…welcome to our world.

-Monica Herrera