MUSIC ROUNDUP: Remembering Selena

Selena Lives On

March 31, 1995. The day that Latinos—and really, fans of music everywhere—lost one of their brightest stars. Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was just two weeks shy of her 24th birthday when her inconceivable death rocked the world, but thirteen years later, the Mexican-American Daddy’s girl who went on to win a 1994 Grammy as a solo artist still inspires like no one else. Ask any young Latina singer who their idol is—from Paula DeAnda, to La Quinta Estacion’s Natalia Jimenez, to Kat DeLuna—and they all immediately invoke Selena’s name. Why? Partly because Jennifer Lopez turned both herself and the Tejana singer into superstars by playing her eerily well ina1997 biopic. But also, no doubt because of that unmistakable voice—one that virtually dripped talent and soul in a way that no one’s matched since. Selena, we'll always remember you as an incredible woman, artist and icon.

Sergio Mendes Returns with Encanto

Legendary Brazilian singer Sergio Mendes, who collaborated extensively with on his last critically hailed album, Timeless, just announced that his new album, Encanto, will drop June 10 via Concord Records and Starbucks Entertainment. A collection of covers and reinterpretations of classic Brazilian songs, Encanto reunites Mendes with, who produced a cover of Burt Bacharach’s “The Look of Love” that features a guest verse by his fellow Black Eyed Pea Fergie. Other featured artists on the record include Juanes, Zap Mama, Natalie Cole and fellow stars from Brazil, Carlinhos Brown and Vanessa da Mata.

Emilio Navaira Slowly Recovering from Near-Fatal Accident

Another Tejano superstar, the Grammy-winning Emilio Navaira, is still in critical condition but showing signs of improvement after suffering severe head injuries in a March 23 crash. The Associated Press reports that Navaira, who was driving his band’s tour bus at the time of the accident, is in a state of induced coma at a hospital in TK, where physicians lowered his body temperature to prevent his brain from further swelling. Meanwhile, fans are continuing to hope for the best—a vigil that held in Navaira’s hometown of San Antonio last week had over 700 attendees praying for the singer's recovery.