MUSIC ROUNDUP: Enrique Iglesias and Aventura to Hit the Road, Together!

Enrique and Aventura Team Up for a Tour

It’s a question we’ve often tossed around in our heads, unable to come up with a definitive answer: who’s the bigger heartthrob, Enrique Iglesias or Aventura frontman Romeo? The winner just might reveal himself on September 4, when the two men share the same stage to kickoff the Enrique Iglesias/Aventura tour in Laredo, Texas. The gira hits 15 cities before ending in Rutherford, New Jersey on October 5, and the first round of tickets will be up for sale next week. Latin pop and urban bachata’s biggest stars are smoking hot right now, with Enrique enjoying stellar sales of his greatest hits album and Aventura prepping their first original album since 2005’s God’s Project—so we can’t wait to see them live on the same night!

Cop It: Ximena Sariñana’s Mediocre

A 22-year-old mexicana who counts Fiona Apple, Pearl Jam and Ella Fitzgerald as her influences? That’s Ximena Sariñana, the actriz-turned-singer whose debut album, Mediocre, hits the States this week after being released to major acclaim south of the border. A jazzy, piano-driven thing of alt-pop beauty, Mediocre is a must-download for fans of Latin music that is simply too good for the radiowaves. We’ll be listening to it while we recall her stellar performance during last week’s Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.

Arcangel Preps His Solo Debut: Can It Save Reggaeton?

Okay, we know that dem bow isn’t technically a dead concept, but let’s admit it: reggaeton is currently undergoing what you might call a crisis of identidad. At least one of its up and coming stars is now determined to keep the genre moving in the direction: Arcangel, a boricua at heart who is currently readying his solo album debut, La Maravilla, after parting ways with his original partner in crime, De La Ghetto. (We think this is a smart move—there are more reggaeton duos now than we can count!). The album is expected to drop in September or October, and the first single, “Esta Bueno El Ardiente,” will hit radio any day now. If you like Randy’s (of Jowell and Randy) nasal-yet-somehow alluring delivery and an extra dose of synthesizers, you’ll for sure be ready to get down with Arcangel.

--Monica Herrera