Music Producer RedOne says Jennifer Lopez is 'Easy'

Contrary to popular belief, Jennifer Lopez is not a diva, says Lady Gaga producer extraordinaire, RedOne.

The seasoned producer, who produced the hit songs, “Just Dance” and “Bad Romance,” is currently working with La Lopez on Love? her seventh upcoming studio album. Contrary to reports that Lopez is a super diva, RedOne claims that working with the pop star and newest American Idol judge was simple as pie.

"We connected and it was easy to work together,” he explained.

RedOne says J.Lo knows exactly the kind of sound she wants, but that doesn’t mean the famed producer hasn't helped La Lopez develop a new sound.

"Musically, I'm trying to combine all the elements that makes her who she is," says the producer.

So far, RedOne and J.Lo have recorded eight tracks. We can’t wait to hear them!