Music for the People: Artists Sing for Equality

Ricky Martin, Shakira and Gloria Estefan are just a few of the musicians that have spoken out against the anti-immigration laws in Arizona. And a few artists are taking the discourse further.

San Pablo, California–based folk group Los Cenzontles composed the corrido “Estado de Verguenza” (“State of Shame”) with a very direct message: “This law they passed in Arizona/ That legalizes discrimination/ For lack of moral strength and fortitude/ They refuse to reform immigration/ And now working people will suffer/ And families will continue to separate/ Arizona, state of shame/What have you done with your fear?. As you can probably tell from the lyrics, it’s a gutsy song that deserves a listen. 

Chilean singer Pilar Diaz is also chiming in with her timely new music video for the rock tune “Illegal En Estyle.” The clip features interspersing images of Diaz playing her trademark ukulele with shots from various political rallies. According to the artist, the upbeat track is meant to “inspire people that desire positive change in immigration.” It supports the idea that everyone deserves to be treated equally, regardless of race. Here it is:

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