MP3 Players Slideshow

For these five MP3 players, great sound plus sleek looks equals audible chic.

1. Samsung P2, 8GB

Samsung P2, 8GB 

This touch-screen model is Bluetooth-enabled. Sync it to wireless speakers or even your phone—so you can answer calls without missing a beat! $250,

2. Microsoft Zune Originals, 80GB

Microsoft Zune Originals, 80GB

Cool: 20,000 tracks, an FM tuner and wireless song sharing. Cooler: Free laser-engraved art on the back, like this design from la Colombiana Catalina Estrada. $250,

3. Philips GoGear SA6145, 4GB

Philips GoGear SA6145, 4GB 

With its built-in speakers, 3.5-inch LCD display and video conversion software, this player is perfect for mini–movie nights on the go. $150,

4. Apple iPod Touch, 16GB

Apple iPod Touch, 16GB

Sure, the iPhone’s cousin has the same ultra-cool multitouch interface, but the true star here is the Wi-Fi connectivity, which lets you download songs directly from the iTunes Store, check e-mail and watch YouTube videos. $399,

5. SanDisk Sansa Clip, 4GB

SanDisk Sansa Clip, 4GB

This tiny wonder blows other clip-on models out of the water: It packs up to 1,000 songs and lets you pick your tunes—no shuffling here! $80,