Move Over JLo, Marc Anthony has a New Album, Too

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one dropping new music. Her hubby, Marc Anthony, is busy prepping his first album in three years. Titled Iconos, it pays tribute to the Latin American singers the Puerto Rican crooner most admires with covers of songs by the likes of Jose Luis Perales, Juan Gabriel, Roberto Carlos and José José. The CD also includes two original tracks composed by Julio Reyes and Marc Anthony himself.

The first single, “Y Como Es El?,” is a ballad famously song by Spaniard José Luis Perales in the 70s. The lyrics center on a man that confronts his woman about her lover, questioning her to the nth degree: “Y como es el? En qué lugar se enamoró de ti?/ De adonde es? A qué dedica el tiempo libre?” (“How is he? Where did he fall in love with you?/ Where is he from? What does he do in his free time?).

The confrontation is made even more emotional with Marc Anthony’s powerful voice. You almost want to take this mystery woman and shake some sense into her. Luckily, JLo’s husband doesn’t have to deal with these issues in real life. Lopez recently told Redbook magazine that Marc Anthony is her “partner in life.” Repeat after me: Awww...

Listen to the first single and let us know what you think!

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