Is Mexican Band Camila Breaking Up?

Mexican band Camila won three Latin Grammys, a Premios Lo Nuestro award and has generally achieved a phenomenal level of success since the release of their debut studio album Todo Cambio. So why would the rock group decide to break up at the peak of their career?

Rumor has it that the group’s lead singer, Mario Domm told fellow band members Samo Parra and Pablo Hurtado that he wants to explore a solo career. Domm has denied the rumors telling the press, “We were on tour and now we’re going to Europe. We have concerts scheduled in Italy, Spain and France. We have no time to think about separating.”

But a source close to Domm’s ex, singer Belinda, says the group has already scheduled a date for their separation and are waiting for their world tour to end to make the official announcement. The source claims that Domm has even started working on his first album with hopes to release it next year.

Domm continues to deny the persistent rumors, “Other artists want to be in the position that the public has put us. At the moment we are very happy with the results that we have.”

As much as we’d like to eventually see the talented singer pursue a solo career, for now we’d like to hear what else Camila has in store!